Thursday, August 15, 2013


This is from last year - something I produced from a fit of mild rage and lack of sleep. If you can't tell, I am awful at drawing, but if memory serves, this was the result of a particularly rough night at work. OR rather the afternoon after when I crawled out of bed towards my desk. 

You certainly don't need to a "genius" to be a Bar Back - I mean, let's face it, the vast majority of occupations are learned from observing others more experienced, learning from your own mistakes and just dumb fucking luck. That's how I learned to become a Bar Back. And goddamn good one at that, if I may say so. Certainly there are those better than I, but I was lucky to learn from very qualified people.

And learn I did. My Muscles were enlarged from lifting heavy shit, and broken down from fatigue. Four times I was sidelined because I threw my back out. My knees, while never good to begin with (I had a weird birth defect, really) bother me constantly. Thank God my left foot healed after I dropped a 150lb keg on it, making a rare clean break. 

There are scars on my arms, hands and legs from being burned. I used to work for 6, 7, even 8 hours without taking a piss, while drinking all the water I could consume so as not to collapse. Enduring long, late nights while eating shit from drunk customers and entitled Bartenders, to micro-managing managers and having my clothes (especially shoes) literally destroyed.  

All this is to say: I DO NOT MISS BEING A BAR BACK. Which leads me to my next post...

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