Saturday, April 13, 2013


None of what I'm about to write will make any sense, but here goes. I consider myself something of an artist, in that I think I have something to say, which derives not from any natural talent, but just from keeping my eyes open and observing the world, specially the people it contains. 

Earlier tonight I had a random debate about the commercialization of art, which I think is obviously subjective;  however I do think there is value in creating something...self expression can be scary in any form. It takes serious balls, and it's not just people that paint, or take pictures, but I also applies to people that just do there jobs well. 

I suppose what I am getting at... is just that life in itself is a form of art. The simple act of going about your day can be difficult enough, but if you can do even with the simplest task, with efficiency, grace and a modicum of pleasure, I can respect the shit out of that. 

Getting back to "art", and specially the selling of it; I think it's gross. Or at the process of selling it. The people that have the funds to buy it, are people that wish they could create what they are obtaining. Which I'm not hating on; I love the art that adorns my home. 

But what does define art? I think it's not a material object, but what you do and how you do it. For example, I spent the last 3+ years hacking away in bars, changing kegs, stocking bottles, delivering food to people, and in spite of the occasional hiccups, I did a good fucking job, and I consider that an art form. 

I'm rambling here, so I'll stop. What I'm getting at is that, I just couldn't sleep tonight and had this idea/thought, that no matter what you do, it can be done in a artful manner. Rock your job, and if you can't do something else. I won't go the "life is too short" bullshit, because, well, it's not. It's long and boring. 

However, on occasion, you can find someone, or something to do that make the minutiae worth it. Music, food, photography, whatever, I guess what I am saying, is that art can transform your life, and allow you to overcome the little things that get in the way.   


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