Tuesday, September 18, 2012


As of late I have been a bad, ineffectual blogger - although in my defense I have been super busy with work, and I just turned, gulp, 33 (suck on that Kurt Cobain) and hanging out with my boyfriend/not an official boyfriend. In short, my life has been not to exciting to write about, although I must say it has been fulfilling. 

While on the bus today I was thinking about why and how this blog came into existence, and how I seemingly had so much to write about, and why I feel I don't now. On paper, I should have, and do have loads of shit to write about, just not the random, tawdry tales of old. Which, I think, is OK. 

In the past I didn't have the interpersonal outlets for communication I feel I do now; not that I have more or less friends or relationships, but I have forsaken some, and grown others stronger than I ever imagined possible. Thus, the need to reach out has lessened. And I fucking love my alone time. 

Though I still love meeting new people, and have via my new job - and as I have only a limited capacity for meeting new people/giving a shit about new people, I had to "take a knee"; I'm not joking when I saw I just learned upwards of 30 new's names, not to mention their history. It's a lot to process. 

But overall, I am happy, and healthy, and making decent money. These are 3 things that eluded me for the last several months, or year even. Not yet at the "kicking ass and taking names" level, but that's fine. Incrementally...I am improving my situation. I hope it shows. 


Anonymous said...


You're finding success at many levels. Keep getting stronger. Hope this isn't your 'I'm retiring from this blog thing!"

May your ascension to the 'kicking ass and taking names" be swift. Don't forget to throw in some Montrose pics.


Herb said...

All good news. This is one of the happiest of your blogs that I have read. After reading about your life for the last few years you made it to here on your own and well deserved.