Friday, July 6, 2012


SERIOUS, FUCK IT HARD WITHOUT IN THE ASS/FACE.CHEST. Apparently I can't think *right* after my brain has been fried at 100+ degrees for 3 days. I have had bad acid trips that didn't last this long, nor made me feel like a complete and total idiot when attempting to communicate with other adults.

I have so MUCH to do, and I've been a trooper, but, w/o a/c, and taking many showers a day, stuffing myself with ice water, walking around looking like hot white trash - I'm fucking done. The other night, the BF stayed over and wanted to cuddle - had to push him off me. Too hot for that even.

Can someone throw a brick at the sun? I don't even want a/c, in fact I despise it; I live in a temperate place for a very good reason. If it dropped to 20F I would be able to smile. All I can do now now is scowl, sweat and shower. None of these things are effective.

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