Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's been a rough last few days, but it hasn't been all bad, although my computer died, I'm so VERY broke and my place of employment shut down unexpectedly, all in the course if 72 hours. I could go on, also cut my hand,  can't pay rent, blah...whatever. 

On the bright side, went to one of the best weddings I ever been to on Friday, spent lots of time with my boyfriend, have a new job lined up, and got a new computer! It's been stressful, but sometimes stress results in a good way. 

More updates after I wrap my mind around these recent developments. 


drew said...

No one gave you a map to follow in life. You just have to trust that when one door closes one door opens and life will right itself again. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the bar closing down was a way for you to move foward into something else? Sounds like things are already on the up.