Thursday, May 24, 2012


Don't get me wrong, this isn't a career, and I may be feeling the euphoria that comes along with the feeling that I made the right decision and got the FUCK out of dodge, as it were. Although I am experienced at what I do, namely, being a goddamn Bar Back, there is and was still a steep learning curve. 

But 4 shifts deep, I think I got it, and what's more...I LIKE IT! For one thing, it's a straight up bar - no more kitchen or food to deal with. Also, I am only one of 5 employees. It's super tight knit. Going forward, I really think I can make my mark on this place. 

All that good stuff said, I only want to do this part time; gone are the days of working crazy fucking 12 hours shifts and getting home at 3:30am, sleeping (or trying to) the day away. This is just an...adjunct profession, something to guide me along until something else pops up. 

For now, it will do. 

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Anonymous said...


Cool people...and less hours.
That means more time for the bf.

Also more time to develop your new career as the
"Organization King of Chicago."

Way to go!