Monday, May 14, 2012


The verdict on the "new/old" job is in...and survey says: IT FUCKING SUCKS. I don't even know where to begin; I could bitch about the zero tolerance No Smoking policy, the fact that the food is absolutely awful, the rampant over staffing or the meat head clientele. 

But really, the thing that really bothers me, that makes me actually, clinically depressed, is that I helped build the old place from scratch, not alone - obviously, but I was an integral cog in something unique, something I could not only take pride in, but also traded a bit of financial security for integrity.   

That's all gone. I realize it happens when new ownership/management takes over, changes are inevitable. But the old staff they kept on, myself and my friends included, have all been demoted. Whereas I was on the cusp of a promotion, I now find myself relegated to simply bussing tables and washing dishes. 

To add insult to injury, they brought in all these new people that don't know their asshole from a hole in the ground. The other night, this new server, who wears more makeup than my Mom did in the 80's, didn't know the difference between a hamburger and a steak sandwich. Oh and she "doesn't drink beer". 

That all being said, I wouldn't mind working in a grind joint, as long as I was making money. I am making some, but very, Very, VERY little. As if all this wasn't enough of a punch in the balls, I am scheduled work 5 shifts this week, until 2 or 3 am, so I basically won't be able to see my boyfriend, let alone my friends in any meaningful way. 

PS-Did I mention I was subjected to hearing 3-11 the other night? And the Eagles? AND Charlie Daniels? In the space of 10 minutes. It was all I could not to curl up in a corner and puff on a E-Cig (oh yeah - apparently it's cool if we work 12 hour shifts with no breaks - but if I have a smoke = automatic termination). 

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Anonymous said...


Sorry hear about the new/old job. I know nothing about the two parties that own your place of employment. Here's the sub-text woo woo gathered from your remarks of the last couple years.

First, with the level of your injury I am suprised they could transact a sale without a release involving you.

Second, it's sad you have to work by a procedural manual (smoking=you're fired).

My guess is you and your teammates built an incredibly successful joynt. With the emphasis on education (beer &ales), working the world cup and having Blackhawks and other sports dudes dropping by....the bar reached its maximum value.

The owners sold it. Made a big profit.

Sorry the old owners didn't reward the people (cash bonus) who built it. Maybe they thought advocating for you to keep your job was enough.

Sad you have to work with super makeup bitch. The fact she doesn't know the difference between and IPA and a root beer float means the new owners are going with pretty (their call) and stupid.

Looking forward, the margins and profits will sink like Jimmy Hoffa. In twelve months these genius's will be broke.

So pick out a new trendy successful place you want to work. Let them know you helped build the successful old place and you want to work with a dedicated team.

Life is short. Don't spend it with shitheads.

OK. Now is the time where you get to say I'm effing craazy.