Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Early in one's life, the concept of Valentine's Day is presented, fairly or not. Examples include one's parents, or friend's parents, or implied/forced reciprocation by middle school teachers. My parent's were...sorta romantic, but I learned about love in middle school. Or maybe that's what confused me.

I do recollect collecting Valentine's from girl's, and also sending them. Little messages scratched out on construction paper, so innocent. Or exchanging candies, etc. There isn't much else to do to distract one during a cold Chicago winter. Or Catholic middle school! I used to give my homeroom teacher presents, for God Sake.

Anywho, speeding up to yesterday, things have been going AWESOME with T, and I really wanted to make a special night of it. Somehow we comprised on "celebrating" it on Monday, not Tuesday, and getting burgers and going bowling. Simple, cheap, we even watched 2 episodes of "Pawn Stars".

This might seem innocent and simple, but walking home, we stopped in the middle of a street and started kissing, like we never did before. During a brief stop he remarked "I never kissed when it was snowing" but he always wanted to (remember he's from Florida) so we made it happen, and held hands on the walk home.

He makes me happy.


drew said...

Justin, I am so happy that you have someone who is so special!! Good luck with everything.

VpO said...

That is sooo cute!!! Very happy for you!

Malou said...

Ahhh I'm jealous of your day! Wish mine would've been ever so slightly closer to yours. Still waiting for my first true Valentine's Day I guess you could say!