Monday, February 6, 2012


Today began (begin) wiping the sleep out of my eyes, with perhaps the most attractive man I've ever been with; that's to brag, but I felt like I was in a dream, while I simultaneously pulled crust from my eyes, removed my right arm that kept him comfy all night, and gently kissed him on his cheek/arm/lips.

The night before, we agreed to wake up at 9am sharp, but 9:30am came around and we reluctantly pulled ourselves apart. It wasn't easy. We are like sick puppies in the morning, refusing to go away, full of not so gentle kissing and other things I won't mention. Human magnets. Needing to wash our bodies of sweat and cum, but barely bothering.

Anyways, I left and jumped on the train, the bus, the walk home, took a great shower, all the while thinking about how lucky I am I am and also how I pray I don't fuck this up. AND DON'T. FUCK. THIS. UP. In between kissing his neck, I dream of kissing his neck. It's that fucking real. To paraphrase a lame quote from some movie I can't remember, he makes me want to be a better MAN.

Outside of that noise, whew, I rocked the thrift store today, the one I am killing my community service time at. So there's that. And I feel GREAT doing it; even though I'm far from doing my time, I love working at this place. Organization is my jam, and I'm jammin' it. I tossed so much bullshit clothes today, it felt good.

Cheers to tomorrow!


PNW Dude said...

Good to hear dude! "Human magnets" haha love it.

Sorry I missed your call last night, I was sleeping off my vacation said...

"You make me wanna be a better man." -Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets

mac said...

Things like this makes me happy. Best wishes for your not fucking it up.