Tuesday, August 30, 2011


For the last year and a half plus, I wore my hair in a decidedly "shaggy" fashion, not unlike Justin Beiber but less kept. Finally, I reached my breaking point when I couldn't insert headphones into my ears without trapping hair in there. So I had my hair cut off, over 6 inches in places, and it feels SO fucking good!

My boss was struggling to define his positive feelings towards this change, mostly, he seemed to say how more "mature" I look, as befitting a man about to turn 32 years of age. It was time. Funny though about the little changes; my fitted baseball caps fit yet again and I had to bring in the chin strap on my bike helmet.

On the same day I got this shit cut, I ended it with the 23 y/o Fuck Buddy. It was getting too real, in that either it was going to turn into an actual relationship, or not, and I choose the latter. He's too young, I got too much else to deal with and just wasn't feeling it were the reasons I gave. No sense in pretending otherwise.

So I am unattached, clear of mind, and without a roommate for the next week (she's visiting her family in Poland). I feel good, better in fact than I have in a long while. Summer is drawing to a close, work is good, and I'm turning 32 y/o next Sunday. Life is good, my place is spotless and I'm anticipating my next relationship.



Mind Of Mine said...

Pictures or it didn't happen!

drew said...

You definitely sound happy and that is a GOOD thing!!