Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BEST ALBUM EVER... Decoration Day by the Drive By Truckers. I bought it at the Virgin music store, in Chandler, AZ on my continental solo drive out to LA. Best $15 I ever spent. Blaring that shit while rushing my old black Jetta through the Mojave desert. It was one of the best experiences of my life.
"Something's Gotta Give Pretty Soon"

To where you wanna be at the end of the day...

"Hell No I'ant Happy"

She's an overnight sensation after 25 years.


Keep dropping the hammer and grinding the gears.

"Decoration Day"

I've a mind to roll a stone on his grave. Also, I know the caliber in daddie's chest. And, beat him real good but don't dare let him die. Fucking epic. I cried the first time I saw this song performed live. No joke.


Patrick said...

I'm partial to The Dirty South myself (its the album that made me a fan) but DD is a very close second. I may make the trip to Athens in Jan to see them at the 40 Watt. It's not to be missed.

JUSTIN said...

Seeing them play Schuba's Tavern here in Chicago was pretty fucking epic, but yeah, would LOVE to see them make a mess of the 40 Watt!

Mind Of Mine said...

Best album ever and I have never even heard of them...