Thursday, April 14, 2011


Typical night at work for the most; "famous" author of a book to beer nerds everywhere hosted a tasting that lasted longer than it should have, got real busy on the main floor real quick, had to fix several kegs, etc. Washed and stocked a variety of hundreds of glasses, blah.

Amongst the drudgery I spotted what, one of my types, which is a skinny guy with a shaved head and glasses, sitting at the bar, with a regular, a woman who ALWAYS HITS ON me. Which is fun, it's playful and harmless flirting.

Anyways, they left after a round. But soon after, this other similar pair, also regulars came in, sat down at the bar...and an hour later the same pair from earlier returned. And very oddly enough they all knew each other, friends in fact (did not that know that previously).

So there were not one, but 2 guys that are my ideal matches...sitting between a woman that wants to get with me. Confusing! So I did the only decent thing I could think of, which was to get them drunk on bourbon (all it took was one shot each).

They left, I cleaned, and wrote this stupid post after 5 drafts of what I really wanted to say but I am struggling to. I even watched the good, but not great season finale of Lights Out. Sorry for the abbreviated finale to this, but if I don't wrap it up somehow, I won't.

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dan said...

I think I know what you were thinking might have been the possibilities.. ha.
btw I LOVE that long ass list of labels on the right. keep 'em coming.