Friday, April 8, 2011


Yesterday I ventured to the Loop of Chicago, with the intention of paying my DUI court fees/fines. Naively, I thought this would be a simple process, but it was anything but. First obstacle: I had my camera with me in my backpack, which FREAKED security out. I assured them I was not going to shoot pictures inside said facility, and I sought out a storage locker to temporarily dispose of my baby.

Then I went through security again and answered questions about my camera...again even though it wasn't on me. Told the nice lady at the desk that all I wanted to do was give the City $1,532 that I owed, and was then told I would have to wait until 1:15PM, and appear before a judge to do so. What?

4th floor, I'm hanging out and people are asking ME if I'm a lawyer, despite the fact that I'm wearing jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. 3 hours and a stupid trial prosecuted by 2 very green recent law students, my name was called. Went before the judge and "filed a motion to advance" my case. Then had to wait another hour just to hand over my check.

Fuck. This. Shit.

PS - So glad it's done and I don't have to face that judge again!
PPS - And this was only half of the story...I'm sparing you annoying details.


Kelly said...

I have good courtroom stories from my DUI's... we will have to have a couple drinks and exchange them sometime down the road... thoughts are with you!

The New Me said...

Someone carries a camera and they're automatically a terrorist. People just get dumber and dumber. Glad you got that much done.

Dean Grey said...

Sounds like no one there is on top of things.

Hopefully you brought a book (or two!) with you to kill time!


Mind Of Mine said...

Did they give you an opportunity to dispute the fines?