Saturday, March 19, 2011


I think I drank enough
I think I smoked enough
I think I had enough
Yeah I wanna go home
I think I seen enough
I think I said enough
I think I fucked enough
Yeah I wanna go home
I can't handle it happening everyday
I think it's time for me to get away
When the smoke clears, I'll be just like
The rest it's what I do I'll
Give it my personal best!
Trix are for kids and not for
Fucking rabbits, you are in
Control of what you do?

Almost forgot how much I love Apocalypse Hoboken, my favorite PUNK band circa high school (mid-90's), I want to post a video of it, but it doesn't exist. Still got that shit in my veins...


Dean Grey said...


I'm sure these lyrics will make sense with music behind them.

I think!


i roll cigarettes like a non-smoker even tho i bum all of yours said...


JUSTIN said...

You roll like shit, but I don't hold it against you. That being said, you owe me some papers, GRRRL.