Sunday, October 31, 2010


Worked another double last night; started at 9:15am and ended the night at 11:30pm. Against my better judgement I cabbed it to the my buddy's Halloween party, got super stoned, and waltzed back home. Less I oversleep, my Roomie and her friends decided to prep for some sort of marathom at 6:30am. There are few alarms more effective than a room full of Polish women.

I'm only typing this because I need to stay awake, until it's time to jump on a bus and get right back where I started. At work. By no means am I complaining; but I'm complaining anyways. My body and my mind are tired. [Note to self: never again shall I agree to be a Doorman on Halloween].

This is my life. On the bright side, I DID make out with my guy on the street and I'm sure to see him tonight...that's what's getting my by, the thought of seeing him again. Like tonight. 10 hours from now doesn't seem all that far away. And the annual Boystown Halloween Parade is always a fun time.

But sitting here, with wet hair, fighting the urge to collapse into bed, beating the shit out of my alarm clock...ugh. My knees hurt. A lot. My shoulder? Fucked. But as this job is my sole source of income, I shall keep pressing. And hopefully not bitch too much. Because, overall, it might suck, but there are happier times ahead.


Mind Of Mine said...

Ugh - Double Shifts, there is nothing worse, fucks you up for days!!

A BOY said...

that sucksss!

James Dean said...

Awwww... I hope you get some rest soon. I hate being tired as fuck!