Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes, the title of this blog post is narcissistic in nature, but I am honestly wondering why, Why, WHY people like touching me! Last night at work no less then 6 people grabbed my nipples, a few more than several times.

I'm guessing it's because the men and women I work with know I'm a homo, therefore rendering me non-threatening, sexually speaking that is. But the ass grabbing? Jesus, one of the bartenders even swiped my crotch.

I don't care, really, and it's not sexual harassment; part of it is purely born of necessity. Working behind a bar is akin to working on a submarine (I imagine) in that we are all in close quarters. That being said, I always opt for the shoulder tap, or a verbal "BEHIND YOU".

Whatever, it's all good. Who wouldn't like a job that involves your boss getting you high and force feeding you beer? I mean, that's kinda awesome. Last night was a particularly good night, and as a result, I can barely get my wallet to fold. Cha-Ching.


James Dean said...

You are probably adorable and people just can't seem to keep their hands off you. I don't see a problem : D

Giant Butters said...

Of course they like to touch you. They're not blind! ;-)

Dean Grey said...

Guess it's better than people NOT wanting to touch you, right?

*shrugs shoulders*


Cockbag LLC said...

I would be mad and in pain if they grabbed my one nipple right now :)

Anonymous said...

Tell those people that your nipples have had dibs called on them for many years now. I will NOT hesitate to protect what so rightfully belongs to me.