Thursday, September 16, 2010


In addition to my usual Barback/Busser/Bartender/Server duties at work, I am also expected to be the DJ. This isn't a "task" per se, more like a perk, and also...REVENGE. I'll explain.

The club I used to work at, when I was a Doorman, contained a sound system much, much too powerful for it's space. Those fucking speakers raped my ears for a year straight, often times with amazing, world class DJ's, and other times with utter, complete shit that wouldn't be welcome at an underground Rave in Dayton, Ohio.

So - when the owners of that club closed that place down, and opened up the bar I work at now, they simply brought over the same sound system. The new space is easily 3 times the size if not more, and the speakers/sub fill the room with no problem. And since the floors are concrete, the walls exposed brick and the ceiling 2 stories tall, the reverb is best described as LIKE WHAT.

This is where I come in. The employees on duty are expected to fill the air with out own music - we can play whatever we want. Really. I simply plug in my iPhone and either play shit off my stored music, or off Last FM or Pandora.

Great example of how fun this can be; last night a bunch of dudes were compelled to order a boot of Bitburger. Being the cheesy (though harmless) frat boys they were, the Bartender shouted over to me, and said:

Bartender: "Hey J! But on some Boot drinking music!"
Me: [stocking beer] "Like what?"
Bartender: "I dunno, something German!"
Me: [confused] "What, like Kraftwerk? David Hasselhoff? Polka?"
Bartender: [throws a coaster at me] "Come on!"
Me: [thinking...] "Oh, I totally fucking got it!"

And I put on Guns N Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" at about a MILLION DECIBELS, just to be sarcastic, and worked perfectly. Dudes went nuts! I love playing shit like that. Sometimes on lazy Sunday afternoons I'll rock stupid shit like Hall and Oats, just see if anyone notices (and I kinda sorta maybe like it a little bit...sometimes).

But by far, my favorite shit to play is dirty, Dirty, DIRTY hip-hop (after Midnight) and give those fucking speakers a fucking work-OUT. It's only fair; those sonic boxes of doom bullied me long enough, so now it's my turn to return the "favor". Patrons of said bar be damned! Or rather, be forewarned!


Cockbag LLC said...

You can never go wrong with GNR. Other rocking out songs (and we may have a difference of opinion) include just about anything Journey and "Don't Stop Believing" by REO Speedwagon.

Cockbag LLC said...

I meant "Roll with the Changes" ugh I need a drink!

Mind Of Mine said...

I think I would have balled out if you played 'Welcome To The Jungle'

Anonymous said...

Yo DJ Justin,

This could become a destination bar for the music!


Dean Grey said...

So I'm guessing the atmosphere of the place changes depending on who's playing DJ for the night, huh?