Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's been a long, long time since I've had any discretionary income, and I'm spending it almost as fast as I make it. Not entirely on stupid shit, but mostly on non-consumable items I've been meaning to buy, like a new stereo ($50), new jeans and shorts ($60) and new music (The Gaslight Anthem).

Fuck it. I've been breaking my back, working my ass off, and missing out on various social experiences (no Pride Parade for me this year), but it's OK. I'm actually happier than I have been in months, years even. In a weird way it feels good to be tired and sore, and it makes me miss my friends even more.

The only real issue I have right now is with my guy, Matt. I like him SO much more than I ever thought possible; I'll refrain from using the dreaded "L" word, but it applies, and that fucking sucks because he's moving to LA in a month or so. But for now, I'm just trying to enjoy our time together, and not think too much about what comes next.

Sigh. I'm as good as I can be and I'm not sure if that is enough.


JP said...

I will be sure to show him around LA and BREAK HIM IN so to speak.


Dean Grey said...

Save up your money, you ding-a-ling!

You're going to need cash when things are slow at your current job, correct?

Pay off your debts and put the rest away in the bank, Justin!

And regarding Matt....

A lot can happen in two months. He may change his mind and stay in Chicago? Maybe you'll move there?

You both have time yet.


Anonymous said...

write more about Matt, regular reader here and it seems like you haven't given us the low down on him!

jason said...

well, that's good to hear...except that whole breaking the back part. And L.A. and the L word aren't completely incompatible, are they?
I hope not.

Sam said...

Andrei just left Champaign and we won't see each other again until July 16th. I feel like such a neurotic wingnut knowing the exact date, but he's presenting a show in Eau Claire and that's the night I'm driving to see it.

Anyhoo, the reason I said that is because I understand, on some infinitely smaller level, the way you feel about this impending doom separation.

It fucking sucks.

Let a brother know what's up if you find the time/want to

ex-roomie said...

About the spending, I agree whole-heartedly with Dean, you ding-a-ling! Didn't you also just buy new shoes and a fancy camera?

JUSTIN said...

Why can't I spend my hard earned dollars? I went a LONG time scrapping by. I'm entitled to a few fun things, right?

Dean Grey said...

Thanks ex-roomie!

Justin, sure you're entitled to buy everything under the sun if you want....and if you can afford it!

Don't you still have credit card debt and student loans that need to be paid off?

There's nothing wrong with spending hard-earned money as long as it's done responsibly.

Pay down your debts FIRST then spend for yourself!

You'll be sorry if you don't!


Mind Of Mine said...

Justin - I rarely pay much attention to what might happen and I live pretty much in the now!

That frame of mind also includes my finances and I have to say that money is made to spent and saving it for a rainy dat that might never come is ludicrous!!

You spend my friend!

Aaron said...

Save your money you ding-dong!

HAHAHAHA! :P Just giving you the shits. :P I agree with all said above! Hehe.

Yes, you can spend your own hard-earned cash but be moderate!