Thursday, June 3, 2010


In a million years I would never have predicted this...but in retrospect it all makes almost too much sense.
Thankfully I was drinking mimosa's on my friend's roof at 10:30AM when the news arrived. Apparently I'm getting better at being gay!

SIDENOTE: I was attempting to refer to the Morpheus character from The Matrix, but I accidentally said "Orifice".


Cockbag LLC said...

Sorry I almost made you fall off the roof today. You had to know though.

Anonymous said...

Actually, only Betty's left.... Or did you mean 3 down, one left? Nevermind.

Dean Grey said...


You better be seriously upset about this. If this post is meant to be a mockery I'll be pissed!

I'll have you know I used to watch "Golden Girls" with my mom on NBC in the 80's. That show was ahead of its time and there'll never be another like it!

Rest in peace, Rue!


Anonymous said...

So...who's Wendall?