Friday, May 21, 2010


SO! It's a world wind of crazy bullshit the last 72 hours, but I'm somehow still standing, and smiling! Wednesday night I worked harder than I ever have; craft beer convention/beer nerds flocked to my place of employment like whoa, and all I did was wash pint glasses for the first 6 fucking hours I was there straight. No joke.

But I got paid like crazy in cold hard cash and closed that bitch down tight with a co-worker, so much so we got high and bonded over pot, shots of Jameson, awesome beer and Marlboro's. We stayed so late we had to offer the maintenance guy hush money not to tell on us. I got home around 6:30 in the fucking AM.

I was exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in, but my friend was in the area, and repeatedly rang my bell which woke me up around Noon. It was cool, we got lunch and then my 2 buds and I had to report the John Hancock building for this marketing survey I signed us up for. It's been some time since I've been stuck in a sterile conference room and I nearly had a panic attack, but got paid another $200 in cash for my efforts (as did my friends).

So I reported for duty at the nearest Lake View dive bar soon after (love you Joyce!) and then after met up with Mr. Butters, a friend I rarely get to see but always glad I get to when I do (LOVE YOU BUDDY). I tried pimping him out to some hotties, but I think I tried too hard.

On that note, I found me a little hottie who looks kinda like JD McCoy from Friday Night Lights! We started making out and one thing lead to another and I drove his Prius back to my place [children, please so not try this at home].

Much to my surprise he's bi-sexual, although I wouldn't know it by the things he did to me. And rather than fleeing my place like it was on fire this morning, we hung out together, watched some 30 Rock, got some food and made out like it was going out of style. He loves my bed, said so himself many times, and he's good at cuddling. And kissing. And other things that involve mouths.

That's it for now...just picked up a work shift so I gotta jet. Stay classy bitches.


drew said...

justin, sounds like you are managing pretty well!!! Enjoy your blog!

Dean Grey said...

You are one busy bee, Justin!


Anonymous said...

I want to try him in my home he sounds like good fun to ride with xx

dan said...

so did he still look kinda like JD in the morning? ha ha... sounds like a good night justin, you deserve some fun for sure. later

JUSTIN said...

Je looked like JD THIS very morning :)