Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Perhaps it's because it's spring, or maybe because I'm impossibly horny but one thing is for sure: I'm no LONGER hibernating and as a result, I fear I'm leaning too much on my friends for support. Case in point was this brief conversation with Neil today:

ME: "Hey dude, what's up?"
NEIL: [ordering a beer] ""
ME: "Um, I'll make this quick, I need you to come over, take your pants off and learn me Photoshop."

I've been so fucking unproductive that all this energy within me is about to blow like that volcano. The lack of actually doing something other than cleaning and working and working and cleaning has made me an un-happy boy.

But the solution(s) is/are clear: I need to get off my lazy ASS and do some shit for myself. But I need a few helping hands. Luckily I have awesome, capable friends that love compliments. Plus, I re-pay them in beer and weed. And perhaps hand jobs [the emotional kind]. Kidding. Sort of.


Steven said...

Wow, 2 posts in one 24 hour period. It's like Christmas.

Dean Grey said...

I didn't know Neil was gay!?!

Keep yourself busy with healthy things, Justin!


JUSTIN said...

Neil is anything but gay, I watched him get married with these very eyes of mine. But we kid...

Dean Grey said...

"Kid" huh?

I heard that before!




Meeting Neil is Easy said...

There is no gay, only Zuul.

Ex-roomie said...

I could use an emotional hand job.

Meeting Neil is Easy said...

Isn't Emotional Hand Job playing at Pitchfork?