Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Earlier today I embarked upon a specific tradition of mine, one common to those of us that are fucked over by this Midwestern winter weather...and also those that like CARS!

Modesty was in vogue this year, and as such, the "hottest" ride I peeped was none other than the Navistar MRAP! It wasn't the sexiest car on the floor, but easily the most impressive.

If you look closely, there are signs on the side of that beast saying "NO INTERIOR PHOTOGRAPHY" which lead me to believe that I was cool to check out the inside of this thing.


First off, the door weighed at least a ton, literally, if not more. The "funny" involves after DUDE asked me to back off [SIR DO NOT ENTER THIS VEHICLE!!!], which I did...but he tried to do the "slam the phone down" equivalent(with a cell phone-so not satisfying); the difference being, DUDE could barely close the door I was NOT supposed to open!


Cockbag LLC said...

You would have totally let them do mean horrible things to you too.

Dean Grey said...

That's one scary looking vehicle, Justin!

I'd hate to have that thing charging at me full speed!


Stephen Chapman... said...

Some guys LIKE being bossed around by men in uniform!


scissormetimbers said...

How did you get yelled at when the Marine asked you to back off? I hate when I get questions yelled at me!