Friday, November 13, 2009


For the first time in a long fucking time, really too long, I finally feel like there are some positive developments in my life. If this trend continues, my blog may become a bit dull, as I tend to write best when I'm full of piss and vinegar, but if that's the trade off - so be it.

First off, The Boy! People that know me know about my lust for Latino boys, and that he surely is. And unlike the other Latino guys I've been with, he doesn't appear to be totally fucking crazy. So there's always that. And he stayed the night on Tuesday, marking 3 consecutive nights of naked fun/cuddling. I have NO idea where this is going, but we both seem to understand that this a casual thing for now. And it's done wonders for my confidence.

Secondly, The Arm! Holy Shit it feels so MUCH FUCKING BETTER. I was actually able to shoot pool on Wednesday for the first time in almost 7 weeks. I took it easy, and didn't use the cue to rape the balls (like I usually do) and instead, gently massaged said balls - and still held my own against a formidable opponent. I can even operate a mop again! Although I'm not out of the woods, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - and I cannot wait until I can resume going to the gym.

Thirdly, Work! I'm lucky that I have not one, but two job prospects at the moment. Of course, neither of them are confirmed, and both could evaporate, but I have a good feeling about both. One would be a natural extension of my Moonlighting Doorman gig the other is a bit more...potentially lucrative but would involve relocating. Which I am loathe to do, but at the same time I'll do what I need to do to survive in this fucking awful excuse for an economy.

I think that's a pretty good progress for one weeks time - and more encouraging news than I've gotten in a last few months combined. To that I say: WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Happy weekend everyone.


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Geoffrey said...

You deserve some goodness. Enjoy the reality of the moment and the expectations for the future.
Cuddling may be the best part of sex, ¿No?
I'm happy for you.

Rick said...

Cool! Sounds lots better than the 16 MONTHS it took my broken collarbone to heal. And, it still hurts some.