Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm assuming most people out there have long since migrated from MySpace (what a piece of shit) to Facebook (a slightly less piece of shit). It's cool though, and it's allowed me to reconnect with many people I haven't heard from in years. That's the positive aspect...

On the flip side though...I REALLY don't need to know about every little detail about people's day. This trend is especially apparent with couples. It's annoying enough to have to watch an "oh so cute!" couple in person, who can't keep their hands off each other. To replicate this digitally makes me slightly more than slightly nauseous.

Please don't think I'm being a joy-kill or anything; I'm totally down with couples being in love/lust or whatever. I just don't need to fucking read about it. Every. Time. I. Log. On.

The other thing that annoys me too is how sarcasm apparently does NOT travel via Facebook status updates. I'll write something stupid, such as my current "update:" Hmmm...nothing left to clean in my apartment...what to do? Oh! Cemetery walk! WOOT! People I have friended on their from grade school, or [God forbid] Mom's of my friend's probably read that and think I'm fucking crazy.

Oh, and I used to think no one paid attention to what I wrote since I never got any replies or thumbs up or whatever the fuck people do on that site - WRONG! I guess people who are actually gainfully employed spend an inordinate amount of time reading that shit at work. GET TO WORK PEOPLE! Haha, like I give a shit.

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