Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A certain sharp eyed reader from Canada should recognize the thing there on the lower right, one night when we got LIT the fuck up. For those of you that does not apply to, it's a creepy dog/wind-mill thing, and although it scares me, it's now a member of my household.

Speaking of members of my household, that plant pictured above has followed me around for the better part of 5+ years. I almost tossed it out the other day, but was reminded by a friend of mine of said plant's history*.

It's been slowly dying (no thanks to me - or maybe because of me) and a friend suggested I re-pot it. So much so, that he drove me to the nearest Home Depot this very afternoon, and... VIOLA(sp?)! A new plant is born!

*This plant was originally bought by my Dad, for his old place in the Chicago burbs.


S J D said...

Voila, my friend. Voila. Viola is an instrument that kinda sucks and makes you look like you have a hickey when you really don't.

Dean Grey said...


The plant you own is called a Dieffenbachia.

From the looks of it, it isn't dying. It appears quite healthy! The plant naturally loses it lower leaves as the plant grows taller.

But watch out!

If the plant was indeed rootbound you should've replanted it in a larger pot, not a smaller one!!

You can also lop off the top section of the stem, place it in moist soil and the "cutting" will take root, essentially giving you a new plant! (But only do this if you know what the fuck you're doing!)

Also, sometimes neglected houseplants get dusty, preventing leaves from effectively getting air and light. Either dust off each leaf or place the whole thing under the shower for a few seconds and give it a rinsing.

And beware, the sap is toxic! If ingested it can make your mouth go numb for a while! (It's nicknamed Dumb Cane for a reason!)

So sorry for the super-duper long comment but I have over 50 houseplants at home. What can I say, I have a passion for them!!


California Shy Guy said...

i once had a plant...my senior year of undergard. my roommates used to water it and when i moved out i tried to throw it away. luckily someone took it. but i realized im not a good plant person...all this to say that you are a plant person. five years is dedication.

Jackdaw said...

The "creepy dog/wind-mill thing"... what is it?

Thomas said...


- I`m also hoping this Canadian is not me cuz I don`t remember that at all -