Wednesday, October 14, 2009


OK, here goes...I need to get something off my chest. Whew. I totally watch the shit out of the new show Glee. Yes, it well written, well acted, etc, but one of the main reasons I watch it, is because of the character Puck.

Now, I assume since he's an actor playing a high school character that he was like, 23 or something, but he's even older (my research indicates 27). That little bit of trivia upped hotness factor. I don't know what it is...he's not that good-looking, and in fact he's the type of guy that usually annoys the shit out of me.

You know the type...cocky as all hell, thinks he's the shizz, etc. And don't get me started on the stupid fucking fake poser "Mohawk" thing. Any yet...despite all the things going against him, last night I had a dream of going against him, as it were. OK, let me clarify, if it were up to me, we'd be bumping uglies til' the break of dawn.

And yet...I struggle to understand why this person compels me to fantasize about getting in his pants. That type of guy is nowhere near to what I'd want in a boyfriend. But still, that raw, manly swagger (and he's from Texas too, another random quality that for whatever reason makes me want it in the worst way) that makes my nipples harder than alloy steel (eat your heart out Gloria!).

If you'll excuse me, I must prepare myself for tonight's new episode of Glee...


Dean Grey said...


He looks soooooo much better with a full head of hair IMHO!

Is it wrong to think the teacher of the glee club is kind of handsome in a distinguished sort of way?


Thomas said...

I also like Glee (and feel a little ashamed)
I also like Puck
I also like Texans, for reasons that I don't understand (damn you Austin!)

Could you stop stealing my life?

Ron said...

Yes. Puck... gets me in the mood to fuck. Idk what it is either. He's not my type at all. Maybe it's the "I'll hold you down and do you until the sun comes back up" thing.

Ah, we can all dream, right?

jason said...

I've never seen the show, but well, based on these pics alone, he's pretty darned hot.

Giant Butters said...

Wow. Et tu, Bute?

I am going to pretend this entry does not exist, and will assume the real GFC will be back tomorrow.

ex-roomie said...


But I love the show.

BC said...

I totally get it. I would completely make fun of a douche-bag like that in real life, but secretly I'd want the raw, crazy sex! It's kinda like how my bf is, on a 1-10 masculinity scale, he's like a 4 (5 on a good day) but my fantasy is cocky 20-something y/o football players!! Sometimes it's fun to go out of the box.

DC Guy said...

I personally like Finn from the show.

JUSTIN said...

To the detractors (Ex-Roomie and Butters!), yes, not the best pics of him. But they are merely indicative of his hotness on the show. And probably not of his said hotness in real life he's probably hotter).

@Dean: The teacher guy is cute, and probably closer to someone I would actually want to date.

@DC Guy: Finn does almost nothing for me.

Dean Grey said...

We finally agree on something then, Justin!


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Researching his age, just to make sure? I know that game.

But I worry that everyone likes Puck, so I've moved my crush over to the Asian guy, Mike, who's the best dancer and has the best shoes in "Hate on Me." But I guess I should look up his age first, too.