Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I might be staring down the big ol' 30, but I feel like a little kid right now. The reason? WIDESPREAD MOTHERFUCKIN' PANIC tonight! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! And to top it off, The Allman Brothers are playing too. Gawdawmn, I'm getting slightly tumescent just thinking about how fuckin' hard tonight is gonna rock. And if that wasn't enough, I'm repeating it all tomorrow night too! Oh, and did I mention the venue if the former site of Meigs Field, situated right on the Lake Michigan, with the Chicago skyline in the background? And 2 of my bestest friends will be flanking my sides. [Take a breath!] This is going to kick SO MUCH ASS. While I'm writing this I'm rawking wit da cawk out to a song called "Fishwater".

Four train days
Get me back to New Orleans
Drink more fishwater there
Than any whale's mama ever seen
Alright tonight
I've been fueling my dreams eatin greens and beans
When I get back down there
I'm gonna drink more fish stew
Than all the big fishes do

And I still want more
I still want more
I still want more

Gimme tonight
Gonna dream my way on back
Spend my life down there
Down on that bourbon street
Watch my money, and mind my legs down in New Orleans
Can't tell which mens turns womens there
And which womens just turns mean

And I still want more
I still want more
I still want more

I've seen Widespread Panic at least 30 times, in various locales stretching from LA to DC, and many, many places in between. It's been a t least 2 years since I last saw my boys. It's all I can do not to tap my foot incessantly. More evidence of my excitement, is the phone call I'll attempt to transcribe between my Mom and myself yesterday:

MOM: "Hey honey...someones birthday is soon..."
ME: "NO FUCKING SHIT, WIDESPREAD MOTHERFUCKIN' PANIC is coming to town tomorrow to celebrate!"
MOM: "Ahhh, that's so nice."
ME: "NO FUCKING SHIT! Allman Brothers too!"

Can you tell I'm a tad bit excited? And this lyric makes me so fucking happy "if was life was a dream money could buy, the rich would live and the poor would die." I'm mos def in the latter catergory, but guess what? I FEEL SO ALIVE!


Dean Grey said...

Merry Christmas, Justin!!!!!!

I'm glad you're so glad!!

-Dean (~_^)

Kelly said...

hehehe... a friend of mine from ohio is ditching his wife and kids for a few days to hit that concert... he has seen them everywhere... enjoy the concert and Happy Birthday... you realize I arranged this, right? Now where's my vodka fresca??

Dean Grey said...


One more thing!

I think it's terribly sweet that your mother still calls and checks up on you.

That's really nice of her.


jason said...

Be careful of those hippies!

S J D said...

I'm telling you, so far it's worth the pain of sounding like an idiot and making my supermodel of an instructor titter with Russian laughter at me from on top of her high heels every day in class when I pronounce things incorrectly.

This shit is real.

Have fun at the concert!

Anonymous said...


Happy B-Day! Wow. Two nights of celebration at Meigs.

Carbondale 2000 and Eat a Peach together.

You're the King of the World!


Anonymous said...

So I don't know if your birthday is coming or already went by, but I just wanted to wish my favorite blogger a Happy Birthday!

I hope you have / had a mindblowingly fun day and that you live to celebrate a hundred more birthdays :D.

And I'm super glad you get to see one of your favorite bands ever perform around your birthday (isn't that one heckuvah good present from life?). I've never seen my favorite artist live, but I guess it would feel just like Christmas Eve :D

Cheers to you Justin! :).

x's and o's,

A-Gay in Chi