Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Allow me to pre-face this post by saying that I love the shit out of my Dad. He's pretty fucking cool, not at all a stereotypical hard-nosed asshole father figure. Except for one thing: HE HATES THE SHIT OUT OF TATTOOS. And I just realized he still doesn't know about the Chicago flag inked into my left arm. DAMN! He'll bitch about my smoking too, but what really bothers me most is his incessant question asking. I know he's just being a good Father. But dear's like everything he encounters/observes/sees is for the first time, and he's nearly incredulous. It's actually an endearing trait (at first) but when asking a question(s) feels like an gets old quick. Still, I'm excited to see Jimbo (yes...I actually call my father his name is Jim). Can you tell I'm a bit nervous?

PS - I won $10 in poker last night. Must suck to get beat by a one-armed 'Mo! SUCK IT BITCHES!


Dean Grey said...


Then this is a divine opportunity to proudly show off your tattoo to dear old dad.

Why hide it?

You're an adult now, right? It's time to show both parents that you make your own decisions (good or bad) and live with the consequences of those actions.

And as I said in previous post, be thankful your parents are around at all. Not many fathers take an active interest in their children especially when they become adults. I know mine didn't.

So go ahead and show "Jimbo" the man you have become. It's gotta happen some time!


Giant Butters said...

Love that you call your dad Jimbo.

My mom cried (seriously) when she saw my first tattoo, but she got over it, just like your dad will.

And are you back at the hospital??? WTH?

JUSTIN said...

@Giant Butters: I'm still trying to wrap my head around Jimbo's irrational hatred of tattoos. He's cool about almost everything else. Ya know?