Monday, September 28, 2009


*The title is a Widespread Panic lyric

I feel SO MUCH FUCKING better. Typing with both hands again, and have discarded my arm sling (temporarily) 2 hours ago. Tomorrow I go see an Orthopedic specialist, who will most likely make me wait hours only to be told to do random arm exercises, but I'm going anyway.

And taking the fucking bus, since I have developed a sincere, and urgent desire to do whatever I can for myself. I'm not a fan of being waited-on/hovered-over. Speaking of, my perhaps worst nightmare might have just come true: my MOM WANTS TO FLY IN to take "care" of me.


Don't get me wrong, I love my Mom, really, but having her stay here? Giving up my bedroom for a week? Sleeping on the couch with a bum arm/shoulder? I don't see how that helps; in fact, I think it would make things worse. And that's not an easy thing to tell your Mom.

Know what else doesn't help? Yesterday I was at Target (thanks Ex-Roomie!) and my Step-Dad called me to check in. Somehow, in the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I was managing my pain with smoking a bit of weed. No big deal. Shit, he's given ME pot before, which I smoked in front of them both!

Well, like they say, "loose lips sink ships", Step-Dad said something to my Mom, and she's freaking-the-fuck-out. FUCKING SHIT. Unnecessary stress to say the least. So I smoke pot. Who cares? So what? [bonus points if you get that reference] I'm not injecting fucking heroin here.

Oh, and my Dad will be here this week for a wedding. He's staying here for at least 2 nights, maybe more. I love him too, really, but...I just want life to return to normal. I want to be able to do things for myself; with my right hand. Soon.


M&M said...


You must miss playing with your D haha!

Get well soon

Anonymous said...

About the weed reference: I might be way off, but I wanna say Joy Behar/Fred Armisen as Joy Behar? Haha.

Glad you're feeling better, Justin :).

x's and o's,

A-Gay in Chi

Stephen Chapman... said...

Giving your bed up!? What a good son you are!

Dean Grey said...


I think your mother had a natural reaction in wanting to take care of you and being worried you're smoking pot. (I'm omitting my own opinions on drug use this time but will be sure to rip you a new a-hole about it in a future post).

It would've been better if your mom came last week when you were in a lot more pain rather than now when things are starting to heal. Maybe explain it to her that way.

And don't forget, patience is a virtue!

In time everything will be back to normal. You'll see.


Giant Butters said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, and sorry you are still in some pain.

If I were there, I would totally practice my nursing skills on you.

(And you can take that comment any way you want.)

JUSTIN said...

@M&M: Yes, using my left hand leaves something to be desired.

@A-Gay: Ding! God, I love that man!

@Stephen: Yes, I am a good boy at heart.

@Dean: Yes, I know time will work it's magic. I just hate being even slightly incapacitated.

@Giant Butters: I'll take it any way I can get it (within reason).

Dean Grey said...

One more thing to add, Justin!

Down the road, there'll come a time when your parents are no longer around.

Be grateful that there to help at all. Not everyone has that luxury.