Saturday, August 8, 2009


Here's one thing you may not know about me: I FUCKING HATE THE HEAT. I'll take sub zero winter weather anytime over a gross, humid Summer day. Thankfully, we've been lucky thus far. Most of this Chicago summer has been quite pleasant, and even down right chilly at times. No more!

It was in the mid-90's today, and tomorrow is expected to be bat shit hot, and close to 100. Ugh. It wouldn't be so bad if my place had A/C, or even just a window unit in my bedroom. Since I have neither I've spent the day marinating on my sticky leather couch, never venturing far from the fans I have setup.

It so hot in my place right now, that the wooden doors have swollen and must be yanked out and slammed shut. Just sitting here and typing has caused me work up a sweat. I think I may have gained 5 pounds in water today alone! And since m y hair is cropped super short, having a actually dry it was an odd sensation. I can't even imagine if I was a woman with long hair. That must suck!

Well, I'm done complaining, and I'm going to seek out an air conditioned apartment, or perhaps a nice frigid bar so that I can actually drink a cold one before it wilts and becomes room temperature. Later y'all.


B said...

Hot here too and is supposed to be all week. Ugh!

Thomas said...

MMmmm, I love humidity

Dean Grey said...

You know this was exactly what I was thinking, Justin!

I feared this. No, I mean I really, really feared this would happen. That the intense heat we were supposed to get in July would simply get pushed back a month or two.

My God! Can you imagine Chicago possibly being in the 90's up until late October!?!?!

I have such an aversion to sunlight, heat, and humidity that I haven't left the house since Friday! I'm NOT joking either!

Either the sun goes or I go!!

Fuck you, you dirty sun!!! Just burn out already!!


Nolan said...

mmmmmmm, swampass

jason said...

Mid nineties, you say?
hmmm...Not even gonna say nothing.

Ian J Brooks said...

I am the same.

I would much rather be too cold than too hot..