Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sometime in the midst of the bullshit that is January, I decided to grow my hair out. It was short as fuck at the time, but since my hair grows fast, by the end of February, shit was unruly. Thankfully I have a friend that is a barber, and he cut it just so that it wouldn't look stupid while it was growing out. 

This campaign continued through the end of March, when it was cut/shaped again. But today when I got out of bed, it just looked like shit. I suppose I could have used some sort of product to tame it, but I didn't. I let my "freak-flag-hair" fly and after taking along walk, I determined that I could no longer be bothered with this nuisance growing out of my head.

SO...I charged up my electric razor, determined to take a bit off the top, and hopefully artfully blend it into the sides. Midway though, it looked decent. But then I cleaned out the adapter thing, and when I clicked it back on to clean up a few stray hairs, it clicked down to the 1 spot. SHIT

And so it was...I had to even the whole thing out with a 1 blade; my hair is short as fuck, but I'm not entirely unhappy with the result. My only fear/regret is that there exists a random patch on the back of my head that I didn't get too. [Below is the "crime" scene].


Dean Grey said...


Well, you did say your hair grows fast, right? Hopefully it'll grow out and look presentable to the public in a few weeks.

Look on the bright side.

You now have a great excuse to wear that all-black Cubs hat you own ALL day long!


Ginger said...

I went through the whole shaggy phase in college, and the same thing happened to me. One day, I had enough, and I just HAD to get it all off of my head immediately. I've had pretty short hair ever since. Anyway, enjoy your new freedom! There is nothing like the new feeling of having no hair on your head! ;-)

Thomas said...


S J D said...

I laughed so hard reading this ... but I feel your possible pain.

Billy said...

I just want to rub your head for some reason now.

Ian J Brooks said...

I agree with Billy!

Just be glad you have hair to shave!