Friday, May 1, 2009


Today I finally relented and picked up a rental car (in case you're wondering, a smokin' hawt Nissan Sentra, I am SO getting laid this weekend with that hot piece of ass!). While the Enterprise guy was filling out the necessary paperwork, he asked me what happened to my car. I expected him to be mildly shocked or something, but nope. Not only was I not the only person to have their ride jacked, I WAS THE FOURTH PERSON that day picking up a car due to vehicular theft. 

And get this: one guy picked up a rental car a few days ago because his ride was stolen...and then someone stole his rental car! Oh man, that guy's karma must be seriously fucked. I realize living in a big city comes with it's risks, car theft being one of them. But the Enterprise guy said in the last few weeks there has been a huge increase on car theft. Who knows if this is due to the shit state of the economy, or swine flu or what-fuck-else-ever, but we are certainly living in interesting times. 


Dean Grey said...


The good news? You can get around the city more easily with your new rental car.

The bad news? Say goodbye to that potentially firm ass of yours.

I hate to even think that someone might try to steal your rental car next.

You better sleep in the backseat at night, Justin. This way if someone tries to take it you'll be ready for them!


ex-roomie said...

Make sure you purchase the insurance!

Jay said...

Good luck with the next car.