Thursday, April 30, 2009


That was the first sentance of the letter I received today from my insurance company. I thought perhaps this was some sort of a resolution. Not so. They are merely complying with some random state law about stolen vehicles. They still have not found (what's left of) my car, nor have they given up whatever they consider to be "hope". No. It'll be at least 3 more weeks before they make any final determination about my $26,500 loss. In the mean time, I am expected to make payments. On a car I no longer posses. FUCK. ME.  

On the plus side, I think my ass is enjoying all the walking I've been having to do. So there's always that. 


Dean Grey said...


Before you know it, your ass will be harder than steel from all that walking around the city! Hawt!

I hate to say it, but I kind of expected things to get a bit worse. Wouldn't the insurance company try to get out of paying you?

And what could the city really do once your car got stolen? You know how clumsy some city departments are here, so I don't think they'll be much help either.

But maybe they'll prove me wrong and something will come through for you.

I'll keep my fingers crossed!


Billy said...

That totally sucks bro....but hopefully somebody else will enjoy that ass as well ;)

Alex said...


Fuck Fuckity Fuck!

Your insurance company should have a provision which provides you with a like kind of car while they determine when to pay. Why do they have you on foot! Some provide a daily amount...others have a more generous per event amount.

If all else fails...start the process with the Illinois Division of Insurance. There is a bureaucrat standing by to help you make the insurance company make you whole!

Good luck

S J D said...

There is indeed always the benefit of a happy ass.

keep cool my friend