Wednesday, April 8, 2009


When's the last time I bragged about my pool shooting ability? Regardless; there are few things* that make me as competitive, and/or make unfortunate jokes about your mother, with the exception of shooting POOL! [*batting cages/texas-hold-em/whiskey-drankin' being other examples]

For the first time in far too long, I busted out my bitch, my boo, er...the cue that several of my friends bought me for my 23rd birthday. This object is less a pool cue and more of a fuckin' sniper rifle. To make sure she was all good, I used these various colored pieces of film to clean the shaft [according to the directions, in various speeds/churning motions] gave her/it the once over and threw it in my trunk [of my car...but if that ain't baitin', I don't know what is!].

Once at the pool hall, my baby blinded the waitress' eyes! WHOA! I was banking shots like...Madoff on a meth binge! I digress...but in between shots, I noticed this random tick of mine became apparent. When I apply chalk to the tip of my cue, I station the bottom bumper on the tip/shelltoe on my foot [see below] and TWIST  

And then I strike...LIKE A FUCKING COBRA IN REHAB FOR METH! PSSSSSSSSSHHHH! I won the next, um....EVERY GAME! In your face straight-buddy-in-love-Mr. Texty-Text-man. Yeah, not a fair game(s), he's all in love with a girl, and I'm in love with a piece of wood (love you baby). And the Cubs lost tonight. Fuck...


Billy said...

Dude - #1) I am jealous you have your own stick (and you know what I mean) #2) we need to go to the batting cages the next time you are in NYC, and #3) the Cubs can suck it.

That is all.

PS - your stick looks nice. And my, what nice feet you have.

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad to hear you and your pool cue had such a nice time. LOL

Carefully cleaning the shaft? Holding it carefully while applying chalk? Wow, you really are courting that thing! I sure hope "Mr. Cue" appreciates it!

Let us know how the second date turns out! (^_^)


Thomas said...

Congratulations, you make a very good couple.

Anonymous said...
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JUSTIN said...

Naw...not that fancy, it's a Players. Just like me!

Cammo said...

Hey Justin,

Yea I actually got a blackberry curve... I felt, until the new iphone comes out, it would suffice.... how are you?