Saturday, April 11, 2009


One of the reasons I most wanted to live in this City, is for it's density; growing up in the sticks (i.e. suburbs) with all that vacant space made me yearn for the random bustle Chicago affords. Just today, while on the phone with my Mom, she started laughing mid-sentence due to the audible presence of sirens in the background. The sounds was so familiar to me that it didn't even register until she pointed it out and said "sounds like Chicago!". 

Of coarse, my favorite time of the week is when I'm driving home from the bar on Friday Night/Saturday Morning post-work. I once had a dream that the surface streets on the North Side were all turned in to a racetrack of sorts, and when it's late enough, the streets empty of UPS trucks, shit-heads running red lights (or not running yellows-even worse) or assholes attempting to parallel park, it's almost as if my little dream came true.

At one point, there's a bridge where Ashland Avenue bisects the North Branch of the Chicago River. Heading North, I can grasp the outline of the skyline in my rear view mirror, briefly, until I exhale the noxious tobacco while serving right to avoid a pothole, then serving left to avoid to FUCKING CAB (sorry, had a touch of road rage tonight) and then coast down towards a stale red light. I notice a Buick heavy with gang-bangers (or so I assume) behind me so I turn down the shit I'm bumping the shit out of to remain somewhat inconspicuous.

Once that light turned green, I released my clutch, and dropped 6,000 fucking RPM's of Japan's finest on Chicago's poorest excuse for asphalt. UGH. I got a grip though soon after, reminded myself, or rather realized that the herb smoked to me by the bartender was stronger than I first thought, and gingerly made my way home...until I decided that everyone around me (the asshole Cabbie behind me - sense a trend anyone?) needed to listen to the fatest cut from Kid Cudi's newest shit. Pretty sure I'm the only hoser rocking that shit at 3AM on the North Side.

This got bed is flirting with me. BURP.

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Dean Grey said...


This sounds like a bit of reckless driving on your part, Justin, even if no one was out. One wrong turn at high speed and it's bye-bye Justin!

And yeah, police/fire/ambulance sirens are synonymous with Chicago as far as I'm concerned. It's that unexpected noise and rush of fear that lets us know we are living in an "active" city! What fun!