Monday, March 30, 2009


On Friday afternoon I just knew that my luck had run out, and that no matter how much I fought it, I was indeed SICK. An hour before I had to leave for work I went on a 10-minute coughing fit and I couldn't breath. Sounds like fun, no?

Well then try being surrounded by drunk/coked-out hipsters and thugs with a head full of cold pills. TOTALLY RAD it was not. Still, I got through the night. Saturday wasn't exactly a picnic either, but the real FUN occurred yesterday. 

My friend and I decided to feist on an ass-load of home-made Mexican food. The tacos were seriously awesome, which is why it's unfortunate that my stomach disagreed. My friend thought I was joking when I began to violently puke in my kitchen sink. I won't even go into detail about how I "redecorated" my bathroom with said Mexican food. YUM!

Thankfully Roomie took pity on me and ordered me to consume the magic exlixsor that is Delsym (although I don't have health insurance, I have the next best thing, a Pre-Med Roomie!). Fuck, I think I slept for 17 or 18 hours yesterday and today. I fell MUCH better!

PS - There is snow on the ground. I'm NOT happy about this...


B said...
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Thomas said...

Ya, I was feeling sick Friday evening/night too, although nothing as bad as that.


Dean Grey said...

Delsym. Mexican Food. Vomiting.

After reading this post I don't think I'll be able to eat tacos for a while.

Glad you're feeling better though!


Anonymous said...
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dan said...

let me guess..... may cause drowsiness?
glad you're feeling better stud.