Thursday, February 19, 2009

BACKWARDS J new handle as assigned to me by my best Girl's (i.e. Gloria) sister's 4-year-old son. Personally, I think the choice of the backwards "J" was a stroke of genius:

The Guuuurrrrls and I had quite a night of it last night, sucking down Jim Beam and taking wildly inappropriate pictures with a Disney digital camera (I promise I'll post the picture of a certain cartoon mouse sticking his fingers up my ass as soon as I have a copy of it). 

Gloria PS - I just checked and there are "only" have 7 bruises on or near my nipples. 
Gloria PPS - SID!!!

Everyone PS - My Facebook status is "Justin genflected and took a shot of whiskey when he got home safely tonight. Those roads are a bitch!" which indicates my satisafaction that I didn't die in a fiery auto-weather-related-accident tonight. Whew.


JP Mac said...

I'm happy you got home fine so you can go out and find that guy you were talking to and bone his brains out.


Billy said...

"....a certain cartoon mouse sticking his fingers up my ass" huh?

I wonder what Goofy was up to while all this was going on?

Anonymous said...

I want to show that young man how older married American women do it. He'll never fuck that MIchelle biyotch again. Sorry I didn't do better with your nips. I'll try harder next time. Promise. BYT, you are a Scottish TWAT!

P.S.- Van is stoked that you put his work up.

Thomas said...

I think Gloria's daughter was actually making a much better suggestions: you should change your name to Lustin.