Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's been a awhile since I mentioned anything about "Joey", and with good reason. After he dumped me, or rather, responded to my inquiry about our status that he "didn't want to be in a relationship with me", we didn't really speak afterwards. Sure, there was one painfully uncomfortable phone conversation in which I asked him to explain his reluctance (he was unable to do do) followed about a week later with us getting drinks.

That last "date" was in the middle of October and we haven't spoken since. It's OK, I guess, and probably for the better. I don't really miss him (that much) but the overall situation still nags at me. Until I met him, I never really felt 100% into a guy, or that "he might be the one". Our relationship blossomed so fast that in retrospect it was doomed not to last. But GODDAMN...haning around him was so easy. He was so attractive. And the sex...oh my....those God Fearing Southern boys have got skills!

At this point, I realize that my excitement at the prospect of that relationship, and the intense sadness that followed the dissolution of it, was the more the result of the situation, i.e., the casual hanging out, making each other laugh, making out during the presidential debates, etc. that I really enjoyed more than him for being HIM. I imagine that if things had progressed further, I might have been the one to pull the plug first. But I digress.

Friends of mine will invariably ask me if I am seeing anyone right now. While I have met a few guys over the previous weeks, none could compare with the feeling i got with being with Joey. Whether these guys were too young (no offense to 21 y/o guys out there) or too tall (try making out with a 6'4"guy!) or just too blah, nothing has clicked. But it's OK. I am eager but not in such a rush that I'll allow myself to take the first thing thrown at me.

And in terms of hooking up for the sake of hooking up (example: here) that is NOT at all what I want right now. Used to be that I'd meet a random guy at a bar and have no qualms about drilling him later that night in a fashion that would make Exxon blush. No more. Which sucks because I feel like I might be missing out on some much needed fun in these ever so dreary times. But it's just not what I want. At all.

PS - If you wondering about the title of this post, that was a suggestion offered me by none other than Mama Guy From Chicago when I was chatting with her on the phone last night...thanks Mom!


California Shy Guy said...

blah - who needs him.

you are better off.

good riddens.

it wasn't meant to be.


chin up :)

VpO said...

Millions more southern gentlemen waiting for you!

Thomas said...

Pleas send all the 6"4 people my way. We need to stick together...and makeout.

Abigail said...

I love your mom!

Jay said...

LOL, the FedEx guy, that's awesome. I'd wager that not all FedEx guys are hot lol.

It's good that you know what you want. Some people never get past the random hooking up.