Friday, October 10, 2008


Today was my first day of "work" since I got canned back on August 28th. In anticipation of today, I went to bed last night at 11PM. Not an easy task since I have been staying up past 3AM on a regular basis for the last 5 weeks. Making things worse was the fact that I got my tattoo touched up last night, and my arm was fucking killing me. Somehow, I overcame these minor obstacles and got a good night of sleep.

The morning at my new job as an Apartment Leasing Consultant* involved spending 4+ hours scrolling through their database. This might sound tedious, but I actually enjoyed it. Still, staring at a computer for hours on end makes me sleepy, as does lack of nicotine.

Finally, around 1:30PM I got paired up with an experienced Consultant, who was assigned the task of finding of young woman (accompanied by her doting Mother) the task of finding her a Studio to rent in the Gold Coast/River North area of Chicago. Her budget was $1200 (which is $300 more than I pay for my 2 bedroom...).

While the 3 of them were determining places to look a]t, I was instructed (beforehand) to remain quiet and merely observe, which would have been fine by me. However, the younger woman kept directly question at me like "where are the trendy bars/restaurants/people/shops?" instead of asking the experienced guy I was shadowing.

Although I felt dumb giving her generic/non-answers, I thought that once I am trained, I really will like this job. Although it's sales, and 100% commission (which I vowed never to do) I seem well suited to this task, at least based on the answers I wanted to give. Who knows, maybe I will suck at this, but maybe I'll thrive and make a FUCK-LOAD of money. The potential certainly seems to be there, even in this abysmal economy.

*After I get licensed/assuming I don't fuck-up.


Thomas said...

Man, I could never do that. Sales? Commission? Waking up before 10pm? Really makes me appreciate my job and the people who want me to get them jobs.

Why am I saying this?
I'm an asshole.

I hope you enjoy your job.

Sam said...

So it's 'work' instead of actual work??

Love it! It sounds like college to me!

Oh, and thanks, I'll post about the date later!

dan said...

I can think up some hot ideas about what that guy'd like to do with them boys on the couch... ha
hey man good luck with the house hunting job etc.. also hope joey is getting back soon. hey J dawg from africa, later, dan.

Fancy Pants said...

First of all, if the guy in the middle needs a place to stay, my bed is pretty comfortable. Secondly, I used to go by the John Cusack's mantra in Say Anything, the spiel about not selling anything bought or sold yada yada yada, but hey, we all gots to eat. These days, I'd sell my grandfather if I could. Good luck to ya.

Only Mark said...

Hey Justin...that's actually what I do. Well, I do on site management at one of those big complexes, not random apartments across town. And I'm only part commission instead of 100%, but I love it! And, where I am, we have to deal with annoying residents coming into the office everyday complaining about their ice cubes being too small or their ceiling fans not having enough settings or something. So your deal sounds much better, lol. Keep us posted.