Monday, September 29, 2008


While I have yet to utter the words "you're my boyfriend" to "Joey", it certainly feels like that is exactly what we are. My friends keep asking me "so, is he your boyfriend?" and so far I have offered vague responses. But if you ask me right now if he is, well, I would have to say FUCK AND YES!

This revelation did not result from some dramatic display of affection, such as a "Say Anything" moment:

But there didn't need to be. Last night we were a little drunk, laying on my couch watching TV, his arms wrapped around just felt so, normal. Or maybe a better word is "right". Though it's still early in our relationship, I have yet to feel so "right" with another guy.

My past experiences with dating men have taught me to be careful, perhaps even hesitant, but with "Joey" there is none of that. OK, maybe there is a tiny bit of doubt, but with every phone call, every kiss, every little thing he does serves to prove to me that this shit is indeed real.

On Thursday a good friend of mine (Go D!) having met "Joey" says to me "I can tell he really likes you". And if it wans't already blatantly, annoying obvious, I like him. Very. Much.

Time to bust out the boombox! My choice is this song:


Silly Billy said...

That's awesome Justin..I'm happy things are going so well.

jeremy said...

blatantly obvious, yes. that goes for the both of you. never annoying, though. just cute! you boys have the electric feel.

VpO said...

Wicked awesome! Have fun and enjoy yourself!

julian. said...

I personally LOVE those undefinable moments in a relationship. When you're not together, but you're not apart. Not quite dating, that sort of thing. There's a sort of purity of affection that gets diluted when labels start being attached.