Wednesday, September 3, 2008


27 years, and 364 days ago Mama Guy From Chicago's water broke...AND THE WORLD WAS NEVER THE SAME!

Papa Guy From Chicago was on a business trip (thanks Dad) although Grandpa Guy From Chicago was present for my birth, which required Mama Guy From Chicago to get her belly cut open, since I didn't want to go the traditional route. How fitting.

Thanks to my Mama's recent call, I just got to relive the excruciating details of my birth. Apparently, I was not a screamer and on the way home from the hospital in Yorkshire, on the outskirts of Toronto, I slept, well, like a baby. But this caused my mother at one point to think "her baby was dead".

I may have come into this world quietly, but I will not won't be leaving as such! And in the meantime, I plan to RAWK with my CAWK out (please, someone hide my iPhone from me). Let's celebrate with some music, shall we? Yes, we most DEF shall!

Jamie Lidell "Little Bit of Feel Good"


Sam said...

Happy birthday, you old man! hahaha

dollar said...

Happy BDay! May this be your best year EVER!

Bruce said...

Happy Justin, don't drink too much but do have a good time.

Jay said...

Happy Birthday Justin.

Fancy Pants said...

My gramps was there at my birth as well, but I was a screamer. Happy bday mista, I saw that little notice on your profile and kept meaning to say happy fucking 29th :) it's a great year btw

Anonymous said...

Ha....I just actually moved from Chicago (miss it soo damn much). In DC now and on this day, September 3rd, I too had a Birthday. Turning 30 in the District was kinda interesting. Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday and hello my fellow Virgo :)