Friday, August 29, 2008


One of my stated near term goals for my little break was to get back on a regular gym schedule. In particular, I wanted to use this opportunity to work out in the morning when I'm fresh. Yesterday I did just that, and worked out as hard as I have in at least 6 months. This resulted in me feeling super sore, but also, super good.

But when I awoke this morning at 9AM I was determined to hit it again, re-double my efforts, kick more ass and all that. I know I have a long way to go, but I thought posting a picture of my body on-line would provide me with the motivation I need. it is...ME!

HAHAHA...yeah, I fucking wish I looked even a little bit like that. Although I don't have "body issues", and both guys that saw me naked last week said they "love" my body, I don't get it. I think I am very average in that department. And after spending the balance of August chugging Budweiser, I'm a bit self conscious of my mid-section.

Regardless of what others think, it's full steam ahead...I am going to whip my lazy ass into shape, no matter the pain that ensues (ugh...arm workout today, I think they might just fall off at some point tonight...damn, there goes the tattoo!).

Unfortunately, I think the good work I did this morning was offset by all the beer I drank this afternoon near the Cubs game (didn't get in, but spent the afternoon at Murphy's Bleachers). Also, I plan on starting to ride, rather than drive to the gym, the drugstore, bar, etc. My ass, arms, abs and chest are gonna rock!



ex-roomie said...

Who's the guy in the tux in the background?

dollar said...

The answer is "East".

Hypnos said...

Well, dunno what to propose to you. Just do as many exercise as you can. I'm also going to start exercising from today (1st September). I had great shape and body long time ago (well, after 6-7 months) and since that I didn't do anything.

My plan is to drive bike everyday and do all kind of abs (I have some program will all abs that exist) and do push-up (also have some program called "Do 100 push-ups for 6 weeks), also I have some weights and I'll do them regularly. I hope that this will help I can send you these programs, or you can find some physical therapist (in gym) who can tell you what exercises you can do for you body. That will cost, but if you really want good results do that, that's the best choice. He will even make you list of food which is good for your organism :) Good luck!