Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last night I took part in a very minor bit of Wrigley Field history, I attended what is thought to be the very first Single A game of baseball at the Friendly Confines. The Peoria Chiefs played the Kane County Cougars before a crowd of 30,000+ uninterested spectators.

In some ways it was better than being at an actual Cubs game; tickets were only $10, and I didn't have to wait to buy a beer or take a piss. On the other hand, the game was incredibly dull, and the mascots that the Peoria Chiefs brought along we're seriously annoying. Case in point: BirdZerk:
Ugh. I suppose a neon colored, break dancing bird can be amusing to a child, but when I was watching the lame ass mascot dance around Wrigley Field, it kind of pissed me off.

Maybe I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to such things, but I couldn't stop making snarky comments like "fucking hell, if I lived in Peoria I would buy a gun and blow my fucking brains out".

Anyways, I got there late (fucking CTA) but found my buddyies Bear and MarK, along with Ginny, a girl whom I once directed back in high school when I was a part-time theater nerd/acid-enthusiast (my notes tended to be something like "more....intense").

Bear was blasted out of his mind and could barely keep his stoned eyes open, and when he could he was hitting on Ginny in a less than subtle manner ("just let me touch your tits!", etc).

(OK - he wasn't that blasted, but you get the point, haha)

Midway through the 3rd inning I couldn't take the tedium of the game, the stupid mascot antics or the no-smoking thing. Plus, the Cubs where playing the Brewers in all important series.

Bear and I decided to leave during the 4th, and MarK and Ginny left soon after, joining us at a lame ass bar on the corner of Addison and Sheffield called, creatively, The Corner Sports bar (note: just because you are located next to Wrigley Field it doesn't give you the right to charge $6 for a fucking Leinenkugel's).

We didn't stay for long, and although many suggestions where made as to which lame Wrigley-ville bar to go to next, I was empathic in my desire to go to The North End to shoot pool and watch some real baseball.

After I told MarK that it's located "just north of Addison on Halstead" he seemed to get the little in-joke, but he didn't seem to care. Bear was too stoned to realize we were now in Boystown...haha.

Once we got to the bar, he looked around, blinked and asked aloud to no one in particular "is this a gay bar?" Well yes, yes it is. Strong drinks were consumed by yours truly (oh whiskey, how I love thee) while my 3 straight friends sipped beers.

While Bear kept sloppily hitting on Ginny, she turned to me and said "you know, if you weren't gay, I'd be hitting on you right now". Well then...I remarked there was no reason she still couldn't.

Fun night. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that while at Wrigley I ran into an old friend from high school I haven't seen in years that I used to have a crush on. He kinda looks like Pete Wentz, but with stubble and less annoying hair.

Boy looked good!


Silly Billy said...

Sounds like a perfectly fun night.

J said...

dang their mascot blows...almost as bad as Peoria