Monday, July 14, 2008


While sitting in near agony at work this morning (only getting 3 hours of sleep while do that to me) I kept returning to the same thought: "no matter how much this sucks Pitchfork is next weekend".

Last year's Pitchfork festival was the highlight of my Summer. Take 18,000, pack 'em into a small city park, invite 30+ bands to perform and make sure everyone has plenty of Goose Island beer. Gawd, despite the heat it was as close to paradise on earth than anything else I can think of (well, there are a few other things, but let's not go there).

Since I'm getting all amped up for this weekend (Les Savy Fav! Fucking AWESOME!) I thought I might share a few performances that I really enjoyed. Maybe you will too! Also, you can play the "Where's Justin?" in the crowd game.

BATTLES - "Atlas"

The record "Mirrors" was one of my 2007 favs, so I was really super psyched to see these guys perform live. Without a doubt, their set was one of the Top 5 I have every seen. Rarely have I ever felt energy like without aid of acid or mushrooms. I was legally sober but I was thinking at the time that had they played an longer I most defiantly had some sort of a flashback.

JAMIE LIDELL - "Game For Fools"

To this day I recall standing in the beer line when I heard this amazing voice...I thought "did Marvin Gaye come back to life?" and then I turned the corner and saw a skinny white dude wearing Buddy Holly glasses and a gold lame robe. Man, what a voice!

CLIPSE - "Ride Around Shining"

Like songs about slinging coke? Regardless of the subject matter, this shit was insane. Whoever said live hip-hop doesn't live up to what is recorded in the studio has never seen these guys live. Even standing in the back of the crowd, the bass still shook my entire body. Materialism has never sounded this fun.

If you're not into music, you might want to avoid my blog this week as that is the only thing I intend to blog about. It's the official GFC Awesome Music Week! WOOT!

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