Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My little tryst on Sunday Night just become the most expensive one ever, if not one of the most random.

There we were on the couch, high off smoking some kind bud and watching "Rebel Without a Cause" and I suddenly notice all these pictures hanging on the wall of the guy that invited me over...along with another guy in various "couple-like" poses.

ME: "Um, hey, who is that guy in those pictures with you?"
GUY THAT INVITED ME OVER: [non-nonchalantly] "Oh, that's my boyfriend."
ME: "...."
GUY THAT INVITED ME OVER: [reading a look of confusion and mild shock on my face] "oh, haha, it's totally cool, we have an open relationship."
ME: "...."
GUY THAT INVITED ME OVER: "...really, it's not a big deal, besides, it's not like we're going to fuck or anything, right?"
ME: "naw, naw, that is NOT going to happen..."

I thought of leaving at that point, and perhaps I should have, but on some level, it kinda turned me on. Still, I treaded lightly and didn't make any moves until we just sort of gravitated towards one another, and the physical space between on the couch grew less so...

In the back of my mind I kept waiting for dude's better half to come bursting through the door, although I was told that would not be happening, and do his credit, it did not.

After I got used to the situation, we started touching each other in little subtle ways. His knee would brush up against mine, my hang would graze his knee, and before I knew it we launched into a full fledged make-out session.

The one slight problem is that we both were wearing our glasses, and they kept bumping against each other (hot nerd-like make out session!) so we paused take our glasses off, not really paying attention to where they landed. After doing our thing for at least an hour (and mind you, no oral/anal took place) it was 3AM and I needed to go home.

While gathering my shit and putting my clothes back on I couldn't find my glasses. Since I'm blind as a bat I enlisted the help of Guy That Invited Me Over to find them. You would think my glasses would have been next to his, but they were not. Damn you heat of the moment!

We pulled apart his couch, the bed in the spare room, moved furniture, basically it looked liked the DEA had raided his place when we where done looking, and they are still missing. Poof! My specs vanished into the either, presumably never to be seen again. I hope his boyfriend doesn't find them...that could be awkward, to say the least.

So, rather than cry about it, I just went to my optometrist and threw down almost $300 that I don't have on a new pair. I'd be pissed about it, but then again, I've been meaning to get a new pair for some time, and I really like the new pair I picked out, so I guess it's all good. "C'est la vie" muthafuckahs!


Chicago's Bi Guy said...

Maybe his boyfriend will find them and you can end up in a 3 way with them. Then it won't be such a bad thing right? Unless of course the b/f was not attractive.

james said...

i think you may have stumbled upon a new genre of porn -- hot nerd makeout sessions.

this can be good.