Sunday, July 27, 2008


Last year, in August I met a guy who I'll call "Tony" at a concert. I had gone alone since no one else had any interest in seeing Bloc Party play an honest to goodness Block Party (I fucking love this city for shit like that). While there I wandered around and finally found a good spot to watch the band play.

After I had a few Goose Island's I was feeling loose, and started chatting up the people around me. In particular, this guy I thought was really cute who seemed to also be flying solo. Of average height and build (sort of like me) he had a handsome face, and really sexy dark eyes.

Anyways, we start to talk and I got a distinctly gay vibe from him. When I left to take a piss, he was still in the same place and we continued talking. After the show ended he asked me if I wanted to get a drink at bar. Since I'm lush, and I was attracted to him there was no way I could not accept his offer.

Turns out I was right about him being gay, although at the time he was still in the closet. We went on a few more dates after that, and although we never did anything more than just make-out, I was hot for Tony. Sadly, he blew me off twice, and since I usually only give guys 2 chances before I write them off as flakes, I put Tony out of my mind.

Fast forward to last night. My phone buzzes and I get this text message:

"Hey justin this is random but I just wanted to say hey. I was up in your neck of the woods and thought to see how things are going. Hope all is well. - Tony."

WTF?!? Ironically, I was in his neck of the woods at the time (near the Loop) and we traded text messages on and off all night. He wants to get together sometime, and obviously I do too, but at the same time I want to push.

For all I know he's still in the closet, and he might have just been drunk dialing/texting. Still, I want to see him again, and if nothing romantic results, it would be cool just to be friends with Tony.

PS - While writing this post Tony called me and we made plans to meet up tonight! WOOT!


Steven said...

Here's hoping he won't flake out, again.

julian. said...

Give him a chance! Maybe he's not such a douche anymore.

H. Alan Scott said...

2nd chances often surprise me, he may surprise you!