Thursday, June 5, 2008


Dear Senator Clinton,

See the image below? It's called a "chair" and it's meant for "sitting" in. Though I admire your efforts and your seemingly genuine desire to make this country a better place, but it's time to take a seat and let Obama do his thing. You fought hard, but lost. Please exit the stage gracefully and retain your dignity. I'm sure a place can be found for you in Obama's administration. How about Secretary of Health and Human Services? In the meantime, I urge you to SIT THE FUCK DOWN!
Dear Former President Bill Clinton,

You know, back in the halcyon days of the go-go 90's I actually admired you. Obviously the expansion of the economy wasn't entirely your doing, and you probably could have done to combat terrorism, but all that good will has been undone with your shameless campaigning on your wife's behalf. Did you think she couldn't do it on her own? Regardless, you are a tired political hack and I urge to you TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Dear Barack Obama,

Double HI-5! Up high! Down Low! The people have spoken and I cannot wait for you to right this ship which has been dragging it's anchor for far too long. I know a lot of people think you lack experience, but I happen to think this will work to your advantage. And really, even if you make some mistakes, there is simply no way you can fuck up any worse than Dubya. YOU ARE THE FUCKIN' MAN!


devyn said...

That's a nice lookin chair..

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Hah! Nice post!

borg_queen said...

Obama has reiterated his support for the great squatter-nation of Israel (which is actually owned by the Rothschilds, et al). But I still want him to be your country's president. (I'm Catholic, too, btw.) But it doesn't matter. WWIII is coming. Prepare yourself.

K said...

You win for the post!

Holler Obama/Anyone but HRC '08

WDL said...

omg. never say that to a lady!

and i'll be on board with obama. it's just gonna take my native NYer (yeah yeah, I know she's a carpet bagger) self a minute or two to adjust.