Wednesday, May 7, 2008


After I got off work on Monday I had the following conversation with the check out girl at the liquor store (whom I have a platonic crush on) and some random guy in line behind me:

Cute Girl: "How was your weekend?"
Me: "OK, busy, I got a lot of work done on my place"
Cute Girl: "Oh, so are you done now?"
Me: "I fucking wish..."
Guy Behind Me In Line: (in a raspy 3 pack a day for 30+ years voice) "HAHA - I've been there...IT WILL NEVER BE DONE!"

Sadly, I think the Guy Behind Me In Line might be right. I embarked on this mini-renovation of my place about 3 weeks ago, and just when I think one task has been completed, something else crops up and robs me of yet more precious time.

Not that I mind; I enjoy working with my hands and could easily see myself as a "handy-man" of sorts. Not that I'm good at such things, but I enjoy the trial and error of such processes. Example #1 is my medicine cabinet.

The intent was to clean the accumulated crud off the glass shelves in said medicine cabinet. But then I decided I was disgusted by the rust particles that clinged to the bottom of various containers.

Soon after, I discovered a can of rust primer/sealant and a spray paint can of flat black paint. So I taped it up, and went to town. The fumes left me light headed, but I like the end result. That bitch is "murdered out"!

After I painted my Back Room/Dining Room I decided that my tiny kitchen needed some love. Red/Orange paint would have looked nice, but after the first application it looked like fucking shit. I don't know when the last time this space was painted, but I suspect it was during the Ford administration.

Needless to say, the paint would not adhere in a uniform fashion. The next day I decided to paint everything with "high hiding white" paint but you could still see the red/orange paint. UGH. To make matters worse I smoked a huge bowl of hydro and dripped paint all over the tile walls. Stupid me.

It could countless hours of scraping and much exposure to paint thinner to correct this mistake, not to mention another layer of the "high hiding white" paint, which has a texture similar to that of molasses. Whatever, it's done. Note my signed picture of 2 time PBR Champ Mike Lee on the wall (it reads "Justin - God loves you - Mike Lee").

Thankfully the yellow room is pretty much complete, save hanging more art work and actually hanging up some clothes, but really, I use this table as my general dumping ground for anything in my pockets and/or what take off after I get home.

Ahhh, my sanctuary...the Green Room/Front Room. I scrubbed this space within an inch of it's life and yet I am compelled to do more. When it's day light out it looks even more green, thanks to the huge elms blooming outside the window. Also, I just got that new rug and I love, love, love the colors in it.

My To Do List includes varnishing the old oak doors and the window sills, replacing those blinds (they are really dirt and gross up close) touching up the walls, hanging more art work, painting my TV stand and perhaps commissioning a friend to paint a mural on a wall. It's a work in process, but it's also a labor of love. This place just turned 81 years young!


jeremy said...

Looks boss! You are a pro, J. I second the idea to refurbish the woodwork in the flat. Staining and varnishing the old wood will give your place a great look. The carpentry in old buildings like yours are always so beautiful.

FitnessNerd said...

I totally have that same shower curtain, but I went for the clear inner liner. What are you hiding? ;)

dailybriefing said...

bitch has been busy. nice.

The New Me said...

cool apartment!

K said...

The Canadian flag makes me happy!

WDL said...

omfg. I hope you own and don't rent! It looks awesome. I did this to my place on Clark in Andy-ville. When I moved out, I found out they jacked the rent up 500 in that unit! ha!

Just found your blog. I'm a chicago boy too.