Thursday, May 29, 2008


After several days spent resting on my trusty couch I must say my head is feeling much, much better. You would think that watching hours of terrible television ("One Tree Hill" anybody? [sorry Billy]) and countless movies would have the opposite effect of stimulating one's mental senses.

Isn't it conventional wisdom that television rots one's brain? Apparently, this logic does not apply when recovering from a concussion (at least in my case) because I am positive it helped my brain get back up to speed.

As such, I slowly worked my up the moving image food chain, having had a mini-Simpson's marathon later that night (Season 7 - my favorite) and boldly seeing "Indiana Jones" and "Iron Man" the next afternoon, back-to-back, then "The Last Days of Disco" and finally "Juno" tonight.

If I get cocky, I might even read a book this weekend.

All this rest has been good for my head; unfortunately my body, in particular my left shoulder, neck, upper back, left knee and right hamstring, hurt like a bitch. Seriously, can I get something better than Tylenol?

Perhaps it's a good sign I wasn't prescribed painkillers since A) apparently my injuries are not that bad, and B) that painkiller shit fucks me up in ways that I do not like. This is one of those times I really wish I lived in California (...ahem..medicalmarijuana..cough...).

In related (non) news, I still cannot 100% verify what in the hell happened last Sunday night. All I remember is walking down the street and THUNK my head hitting the ground and waking up perhaps 30 minutes later being pulled out of an ambulance.

Considerable time has been spent the last few days being volleyed between the hospital and police, neither of whom can produce any evidence of this incident besides the discharge papers I was given (i.e. "you have suffered a head injury, stay with friends or family for the next 48 hours").

Despite the bad shit I experienced these past few days, I am reminded nearly every hour how loved I am. Friends and family keep checking up on Mom even offered (though I declined) to fly out to take care of me (aawwwww).

Thanks everyone for the kind words; I'll be RAWKING out again in no time (although I will be exercising greater caution when using crosswalks).


WDL said...

I think a chicago gay blogger drinking spree may be the best medicine long as you don't get hit by a car/truck/messenger bicyclist again.


Silly Billy said...

How DARE you say OTF is terrible television!!!

I am SUPER glad however that you are ok my friend.

Ever think it was a crazy mob of Rob Thomas fans who mistakenly took you for the Matchbox 20 front man?

Anonymous said...

totally glad to read that you're feeling better (except for the .. erm.. body part issue) but that is too weird that you have no clue what happened. prob you lost your memory what with the head trama and all.

i live in chi town too, and this woman at my fathers office one night got totally wasted (company function. they're totally lax) and her husband stuck her in a cab to take her home- next thing ya know, he's getting a call and she's in the hospital w/a head trama, and no idea how she got there.

she's totally you! or you her. whatev. but seriously.. is there like some pushing terrorist out there? running around pushing people down so that they lose their memories and are forever plagued by the sense that they're missing a part of their lives?

just interesting that two incidences happened so closely together in the same city.

Anonymous said...

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The 800mg dose is very effective and will likely make you sleepy and feeling no pain.

Be careful about drinking alcohol while taking large doses of Ibuprofen. Don’t take Ibuprofen if you have any kind of kidney disease, peptic ulcer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, or any kind of rare bleeding disorder.

The New Me said...

yeah, what he said.

Glad to hear you're getting better.

Rawk soon man.

K said...