Thursday, January 31, 2008


Actually, this was Really G-A-Y.

So, my Father is in town, and staying at my place. Last night, after I came home, we went to get some dinner at this TITS pizza place near me (I had the mozzarella/goat cheese/asparagus pizza - tastes better than it sounds, seriously).

After we got back to my place, we loafed about, read the Tribune and watched television.

Since I lack cable, I rarely if ever watch TV anymore, and I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw a full episode of Law & Order. It was an OK episode, I guess, but the "B" story was, um, well, gay...

There was a political character who was stuck in the closet, and was caught by the Po-Po doing the whole Larry Craig-Two Step in a bathroom.

This reminded me of my childhood when it seemed kind of weird to watch anything vaguely sexual on TV with my parents in the room. We're not really that uptight, however, we are white Midwesterner's, so perhaps certain family dynamics take on a conservative tone.

Anyways, it was just weird sitting near my Father when this fictional character was being accused, and then engaged in "gay' illicit activity.

We changed the subject...

The local news came and went, as did Nightline (really, the douche that did the Michael Jackson interview succeeded Ted Koppel?).

I thought the Old Man would retire...but then Oprah came on! And we watched most of the episode, which consisted of people doing random, and mostly stupid stunts (example A: a contortionist folded her tiny body into a suitcase, and then zipped it up).

Then the "gayness" was amped up a few fucking decibels by this guy:

Thank you Fan Yang for allowing two generations of gay men to "bond" over your random, uh, skillz.

Afterwards, I contemplated finding a tree to chop down or maybe change a tire, but since it was cold, I opted to drink a Miller Lite.


FitnessNerd said...

I'm not sure which is more entertaining the bubble or how HUGE Oprah's ass looks in that outfit...

How's that for gay?

The [Cherry] Ride said...

OK, I just want to be sure I get this straight... You and your dad stayed up late to watch Oprah.

Naah, not gay at all.